Targeted Care Coordination

Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) includes the coordination and facilitation of the interdisciplinary Child and Family Team (CFT) meetings to develop an outcome-focused, strengths-based, Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) that includes both formal and informal services and supports.  Optum Supports and Services Manager (OSSM) is the tool that providers will use to submit the PCSPs to Optum.

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*This Toolkit is in the process of being edited to reflect the changes to TCC requirements outlined in the most recent provider alert - Targeted Care Coordination, that was released on 9/16/2019.


Optum Supports and Services Manager (OSSM)*

*If you are a Targeted Care Coordinator accessing OSSM, click here and please remember to use your Optum ID (available on Provider Express).
 If you are a Member, family, or treating provider who has been granted access to a completed PCSP, please log in at the PCSP Portal located here.

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