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Outpatient behavioral health services for mental health and substance use needs are covered by Optum Idaho through the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan. The amount and length of services provided will be based on your needs and medical necessity. There are no service limitations for covered services managed by Optum Idaho. Services may be provided in a provider’s office, your home or the community.

Some services need prior authorization. This means your provider must contact us before providing the service. Your provider will coordinate referrals with other doctors. You do not need an authorization for emergency service. Your provider can request an authorization by calling Optum Idaho Member Services.

Services are provided by licensed (or otherwise certified) behavioral health and substance use disorder professionals. These professionals include doctors and psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, substance use disorder counselors, other professional counselors, certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners, case managers and peer support staff.

Listed below are the services available for children and youth. Click on the name of the service for the definition and additional information on each.


Behavioral Health Case Management

A service provided by a behavioral health care professional to help you learn to coordinate and access your medical, mental health and community-living needs.

Community Based Rehabilitative Services

Services provided to you by a behavioral health professional in your home or community to help you learn and practice the skills you need to support your overall wellness and independent living abilities.

Community Transition Support

A service provided by a behavioral health professional to help you successfully move back into the community after a mental health hospital stay or after a crisis.

Drug/ Alcohol Testing

A test to see if a person has been using chemical substances or alcohol.

Group Psychotherapy

A group of people with similar emotional issues meet to talk with a behavioral health care professional. The group members share experiences and practice coping skills to learn how to manage issues as independently as possible.

Individual Psychotherapy

You can talk with a behavioral health care professional about emotional issues you may be having and learn coping skills to help you manage them.

Individualized Behavioral Health Treatment Plan

A written plan created with you and your behavioral health team. The plan describes your behavioral health wellness goals and the steps you want to take to achieve your goals.

Intensive Outpatient Program

You are provided continuous blocks of outpatient therapy to help you manage your behavioral health needs and meet your treatment goals. Adults participate at least three hours per day, three times a week. Adolescents participate at least two hours per day, three times a week. This service allows you to receive more intensive treatment when you need it.

Optum is implementing IOP in phases throughout 2017 and 2018. Please note this service may not be available in all areas of Idaho. We are working to expand availability.

Medication Management

A doctor or nurse meets with you to discuss the medicines you are taking and order new prescriptions you might need.

Peer Support

A service provided by a person (who received behavioral health services themselves) to help you learn to manage difficulties in your life.

Psychological/ Neuropsychological Testing

Written, visual or verbal tests that are given by a psychologist to measure your thinking and emotional abilities.

Skills Training and Development

Services provided by a behavioral health care professional to teach you skills to support your recovery and reach your goals.

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